Friday, July 2, 2010

outing with girls xx

nth can be better den hanging out with my  GIRLS lol.
is just fun gossiping and playing around LOL
Uzhing was smart enough to use her handphone to book Tickets online! which save us so much time! from that long
We watched She's Out of My League
I have to say tat i din expect it to be so entertaining as i tot. I really did have a good laugh in the cinema.
some parts are really funny. did really enjoyed it! LOL  Really never tot of watching this show! but was unexpectedly entertaining.

Finally. haha get to pass Chee hoe is Chelsea Jersey HOE 10

Well later on have dinner with B at Delicious. Haha so long since i last ate Delicious.
The Classic Chocolate cake is still so amazing!

Enjoying Life xx

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Haven been resting well i guess!
Now i m sick! Fever.Sore Throat . Flu.
Ishhhh.... oh my haha hope i can recover soon! and spend time with my B, frenz and family.

haha currently addicted to the song

Oh My Gosh (OMG) - Usher ft. 

was listening to it in B's car.

Cant wait for tomorrow's outing with College mates. 
We are going to rock sunway pyramid.
really miss the days we laugh and gossip tgt.

loads of things to do. have to book my air ticket asap to Australia XD Holiday here i come!

Officially Bak.

Hi Everyone! Yeap. I m officially back in Malaysia.
LoL meet up with loads of people, but still Not enough LOL
Wat i did for the past few weeks?
1) Meeting up with *Someone*
2) Meeting up Family
3) Meeting up with Friends.

Did nail spa with Li-wei LOL. really enjoyed doing nails! is the best way to pamper urself! *for girls* 
Outing with Uzhing, E-jen, May zhee was fun, when someone special was really sweet that day. Eventhough, we were late! Really sorry. T_T *jet lag*
Outing with Wan joo and Li-wei! was just about gossip gossip gossip! haha interesting. Love girls outing.

Love spending time with someone special too. it just makes everyday so memorable. <3 sleep tight.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Currently having my exam this week! T_T
So i think i m going to blog more after my exams!
Cos i m going to have One month Easter Holiday!

Unhappy issue:  During my exam week! i lost my Room Key! Oh god. :(
No choice i really couldn't find it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Sorry that i din really blog this few months!
but i will try to catch up asap! <3

The lastest news about me is that i just came bak from my Paris School Trip.
Well this trip is to make us research on Luxury Goods.
LOL basically in this 3 days we just attend 1 lecture, by someone who work in Christine Dior.

he mention about the Big 5 Luxury group:
1) LVMH - Louis Vuitton 
2) Richemont - Cartier, Mont Blanc, Lancel, Dunhil, Shanghai Tang, Chloe.
3) PPR - Gucci, YSL, Bottega Veneta, Alexander Mcqueen, Stella Mc Cartney, Balenciaga.
4) Chanel - Family own business - Chanel
5) Prada - Family own business - Prada , Miu miu, Church, Car Shoe

He also did mention that actually LV is not consider a Top high end luxury goods, is still debatable.
But i feel there is too many ppl who is getting LV and it a bit over rated, and most of the designs are mostly repetitive and very similar. 
He also mention that the Top quality brand is Hermes, Chanel.

Ps: after my Paris trip, i really miss London a lot, I personally prefer London den Paris!London is still a better shopping place for Student!!